Cocoa Mester

Anna Sterling, Founder of Cocoa Mester

Strategy for Growth

An award winning artisan chocolatier…

Anna’s business was in the early stages of growth and needed support in deciding what direction to take – she needed to create a strategy for the future and consider how to improve efficiencies and profitability.

How we helped…

We worked together to review the current business and identify opportunities to improve the profitability. For instance, this ranged from improving shelf life (without the need for additives) through to considering different equipment and leveraging the PR opportunities for the brand. Above all, the regular sessions helped Anna to plan for the future with a clear strategic focus on the areas that will drive her business forward

Jo Crebbin working with Anna Sterling

Jo says…

“This was an example of where the holistic approach of strategy, food and operations support helped a growing food business.”

Anna Sterling, Founder of Cocoa Mester

Anna says…

“Identifying key areas of growth to focus on has been crucial for me to maximise my productivity and manage my time effectively. As a result I am able to have clear objectives and not get distracted by less profitable endeavours.”

“I found Jo wonderful to work with. She has such a wealth of experience and understood all the challenges my business faces. She has solutions to so many of the practical problems I encounter. Jo understands the constraints of cash flow that my particular business has. We worked together in small chunks so the action planning and implementing were not overwhelming.”