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The sky is the limit ..

Support for your business to make sure the sky is the limit… Understanding your customers,  having a great product or being first to market are all vital – but alone these are not enough. As a business founder you are unlikely to be an expert in everything. Having the right support for your business from the start is fundamental and…

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The Value of Peer Groups

This article explores the value of peer groups and the real benefits to business owners. What do we mean by peers? Relying on the dictionary definition, ‘a person of the same age, status or ability of another specified person’. Its people you interact with on a regular basis that know you quite well and feel a connection with. They may…

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Free support and funding for small and medium size businesses

Looking for free support and funding for your business? Starting a new business can be daunting – there’s loads to do, funds may be limited and you need to be an ‘expert’ in everything. However don’t despair there is lots of help at hand -its just quite difficult to find it sometimes. Where do you begin? As a relatively new…