Stepping outside your comfort zone.

When was the last time you found yourself stepping outside your comfort zone?

Today I set off to Hull University with a sense of excitement and slight nervousness ready to give a guest lecture at the Business School. My reflection of the experience – I loved every minute of it!

So why am I telling you this and why might you be interested?

I had agreed to do this slot because I knew it would be stepping outside my comfort zone in a new environment with strangers. I also wanted to do it as I believe its important to share business experience with the next generation of leaders. It is all too easy in today’s busy world to exist in our own little ‘bubbles’ of comfort – the familiar, safe and established. However occasionally stepping outside our comfort zones allows us to push our own boundaries and take a risk. It provides the opportunity for real change and learning in our life (and perhaps those of others). You may even surprise yourself ! It can also be contagious – the more you do it -the more you want to do it. You start to actively seek out new opportunities to take that plunge.

When was the last time you took the plunge and stepped outside your comfort zone? What was the catalyst for doing it ? How did it make you feel?

Maybe you feel like you are living outside your comfort zone most days in your business. Its good to stretch yourself but if its every day then it can be overwhelming and maybe its time to think about having a chat with a business mentor. I specialise in working with food business owners offering mentoring and consultancy support.

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