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Looking for a co-packer for your food business?

As a food entrepreneur you’re now at the point that its time to get serious about your food business and scale it up. Producing it yourself isn’t an option so you are considering using a company to make it instead. Co-packers or co-manufacturers or 3rd party manufacturers specialize in manufacturing for other people under their brand. Internet searches and trade…

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support for your business so the sky's the limit

Support for your business so the sky’s the limit ..

Support for your business to make sure the sky’s the limit… Understanding your customers,  having a great product or being first to market are all vital – but alone these are not enough. As a business founder you are unlikely to be an expert in everything. Having the right support for your business from the start is fundamental and improves…

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Free resources available to small and medium size businesses (in Yorkshire)

Starting a new business can be daunting – there’s loads to do, funds may be limited and you need to be an ‘expert’ in everything. However don’t despair there is lots of help at hand -its just quite difficult to find it sometimes. As a relatively new business myself I have navigated my way through various websites, events and conversations…

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